How Long Does it Take to Train as a Plumber?

To become a qualified plumber, you should be aiming towards the successful completion of the City & Guilds NVQ Diploma in Plumbing and Heating to both levels 2 and 3.  This involves studying for, and passing, the theory elements of the course.  You now also need to find a work placement during your studies so that the practical elements of the Diploma can be assessed.  You won’t be able to pass the Diploma without passing these practical elements.

You’re probably wondering how long all this takes.  To complete all of the studying and training takes an average of four years.

You may be tempted by offers of fast-track, intensive plumbing courses.  The reality is that you’re just not going to be able to learn everything you need to become qualified in a short period of time.  As the famous saying goes “there’s no substitution for experience”, which is probably the reason why the practical assessments were introduced to the Diplomas.  On your work placement, you’ll be working on real plumbing jobs, in real situations under the supervision of qualified professionals, over a decent period of time.  There’s no better way to gain experience than that!

So, you need be committed if you want to retrain as a plumber and make it a success.


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